Long-term strategic partner of DuPont

Shanghai Simon Aluminum is a long-term cooperative partner of American Simon Aluminum and DuPont (DUPONT) in China, and a strategic partner of Arconic and EURAMAX Colored Aluminum of the Netherlands. The headquarter factory is located in Songjiang Development Zone, Shanghai. It started in 1999 with a registered capital of RMB 60 million.

Established in 2019

Dufute ( SHANGHAI) New MATERIALS Co., Ltd.

Focus on the production and sales of PVF100% perfluorocarbon coating series of new building products

PVF100% perfluorocarbon coated metal series plate products are steel, aluminum and copper color coils successfully developed by us with patented technology on the basis of joint development with DuPont. The products use PVF100% perfluorocarbon coating at 300 It is made by stick coating under high temperature.


Dufute's new material products include: PVF perfluorocarbon-coated metal sheets and perfluorocarbon coatings. PVF100% perfluorocarbon-coated steel/aluminum/copper is used as panels, and there are A-level fireproof composite panels, honeycomb panels, and corrugated panels. As well as roofing steel/aluminum/copper plates, etc., the products are designed to provide solutions with higher quality and longer service life for the fields of building exterior walls, interior decoration, and roofing systems in the industry.


The factory has the world's most advanced four-coating and three-baking, high-temperature and high-speed PVF special coating production line, with an annual production capacity of over 20 million square meters per year. It focuses on high-quality services for the surface treatment of aluminum coils for exterior curtain walls. It has rich production experience and a wide range of industries. .


The Shanghai headquarters factory also has an international level CNC machine tool system production line: sheet metal automatic assembly line, CNC sheet metal cutting machine, CNC bending machine, CNC engraving machine, laser cutting machine, hot-pressing composite production line and other high-end equipment. The standard honeycomb panel, corrugated panel and composite panel production line has an annual production capacity of more than 5 million square meters. With strong technical advantages, it has become the main enterprise in the manufacture of super-large metal composite aluminum panels in China, and has established multiple production bases in East China and North China for the whole country.